2 heat-related deaths confirmed in Gujarat, but toll could be higher | India News

AHMEDABAD: Sustained very high temperatures proved to be fatal for two middle-aged men in Ahmedabad on Friday as Civil Hospital authorities declared both of them dead due to heat stroke.
More casualties were reported across Gujarat allegedly due to intense heat, but authorities have not confirmed them as ‘heat-related deaths‘.
Dr Rajnish Patel, in charge medical superintendent of Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad, told TOI that the two men – one about 34 years and another 55 years of age – were admitted in two different instances late on Thursday.“Both complained of high-grade fever of 103-104 degrees F. They were unconscious and unresponsive to treatment. They were declared dead early on Friday. Prima facie, it is believed that they died due to severe heatstroke,” he said.
Ahmedabad remained the hottest Gujarat city at 45.5° C.
Meanwhile, EMRI 108 emergency services recorded one of the highest heat-related emergencies in a single day in the past few years on Thursday at 77 in Ahmedabad and 224 across Gujarat. The cases included 22 heat strokes across Gujarat including 13 in Ahmedabad. To put the figures in perspective, Ahmedabad this season has recorded 16 heat stroke cases, and Gujarat 57. “While there was severe heat in 2010 and 2016, the data during that time are not comparable with rise in ambulance fleet and population,” said a senior EMRI official. “But these figures are undoubtedly one of the highest in the past few years.”

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