AAP Govt: Babus don’t listen & LG silent, courts last resort | India News


AAP govt, while responding to the LG secretariat’s letter to the home ministry, has said that in a situation where the bureaucracy does not listen to ministers and the lieutenant governor does not act against officials, the courts were the last resort.
The govt said that despite the five-judge Constitution bench unanimously handing over control of services to the elected dispensation, the Centre “eroded” govt’s powers by amending the Govt of NCT of Delhi Act.”This led to officials ignoring ministerial directives and the LG neglecting ministerial appeals. The bureaucratic impasse has halted crucial initiatives on DJB funds, the Farishtey scheme, bus marshals and smog towers, leaving Delhi’s 2 crore residents in a limbo,” govt said.
“Govt bemoans bureaucratic delays as files languish without response, exacerbating an already tumultuous administrative landscape,” it added.
There have been frequent clashes between the elected dispensation and the LG’s office since VK Saxena took over as LG in May 2022.
Delhi govt said attempts were being made to encroach upon its jurisdiction. It said the apex court unequivocally decreed that the elected Delhi govt must not be stripped of its legislative and executive prerogatives in the spirit of cooperative federalism and the Centre must exercise its powers within the boundaries of the Constitution.
“Only days after the SC order, the Centre promulgated an ordinance invoking the President’s special powers and passed the GNCTD Amendment Act. The Centre-appointed bureaucrats gained the authority to override decisions made by the elected chief minister,” it said, adding that files are now at the mercy of officials indefinitely. “Delhi Jal Board’s funds were stalled for months leading to a man-made water crisis, and the hell-bent bureaucracy stopped the Farishtey scheme. We are forced to knock on the Supreme Court’s doors for even minor things,” the govt said.
It claimed that the bureaucrats stopped the operation of smog towers during winter, forcing it to move the Supreme Court to get the ruling in favour of the elected dispensation.
Delhi govt alleged that the LG never responded to its request for intervention whenever it flagged non-cooperation. “It’s our moral obligation… to ensure no shortcomings and inefficacy,” govt said.

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