Actor Wendell Pierce on ‘vile’ racist encounter denying his housing application: ‘Bigots are real’ | Hollywood

Renowned actor Wendell Pierce found himself in the spotlight not just for his performances on screen, but for his outspoken stance on pressing societal issues. Pierce took to social media to share poignant incidents of racial discrimination, notably recounting a personal experience of being denied an apartment in Harlem due to his race. His revelations shed light on the pervasive nature of bigotry, prompting reflection and action.

Pierce shares his personal experience of racial discrimination in Harlem(@WendallPierceX)
Pierce shares his personal experience of racial discrimination in Harlem(@WendallPierceX)

Wendell Pierce recalls being denied an apartment in Harlem because of racial discrimination

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Explaining one such incident, the 60-year-old actor claimed that a white owner denied him to rent an apartment in Harlem, as reported by the NYPost. He explained the incident in one of his recent posts where he wrote, “Even with my proof of employment, bank statements and real estate holdings, a white apartment owner DENIED my application to rent the apartment … in Harlem, of all places.” 

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Through his post on X, he further explained, “Racism and bigots are real. There are those who will do anything to destroy life’s journey for Black folks. When you deny our personal experiences, you are as vile and despicable.”

Pierce’s two cents about the US Federal Court ruling against black-owned capitalist firm

The following Tuesday, in another post, Pierce also became vocal about the US Federal court ruling against allowing a black-owned venture capitalist firm to award grants exclusively to black female entrepreneurs. 

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Suits star wrote in the post, “While I appreciate the response to my own personal experience of discrimination in housing, I only mentioned it as an example of the insidious nature of bigotry.” He further added“This court decision is profoundly more disturbing and injurious. CALL TO ACTION.”

In a separate post, he wrote, “The law was put in place to protect former slaves from discrimination.” “Edward Blum, an opponent of affirmative action, has argued its text means that race can’t be considered at all in contractual relationships. Private funding blocked by the courts. NOT TAX DOLLARS,” the actor added.

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