Ahead of wedding with Zaheer Iqbal, Reddit discovers Sonakshi Sinha’s mother and brother don’t follow her on Instagram | Bollywood

Days before her wedding with Zaheer Iqbal, Sonakshi Sinha’s equation with her family has been in news. Recently, it was reported that her father, actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha, has come around after being initially miffed with her marriage plans. Now, a new Reddit post has come to light. A Redditor posted – ‘Sonakshi Sinha’s mother Poonam Sinha and brother Luv Sinha don’t follow her on Instagram!!” Also read | 5 things to know about Sonakshi Sinha’s to-be husband Zaheer Iqbal: Jeweller’s son who lives the luxury life

Sonakshi Sinha with her mother Poonam Sinha at Heeramandi premiere. (File Photo)
Sonakshi Sinha with her mother Poonam Sinha at Heeramandi premiere. (File Photo)

‘Why would Sonakshi’s mom not follow her?’

Many on Reddit have reacted to the post that read, “Just noticed that Poonam Sinha only follows six people on Instagram including her husband Shatrughan Sinha, Luv Sinha and Kussh Sinha. Strange! Why would she not follow her daughter? Luv also doesn’t seem to follow his sister on Instagram. Interestingly, Sonakshi also doesn’t follow her mother and Luv on Insta. She only follows Shatrughan and Kussh. This feels very strange, considering Sona has been a pampered kid in her family.”

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‘Maybe recently something happened’

A person commented that Poonam was by Sonakshi’s side during the star-studded premiere of her web series Heeramandi. The comment, alongside a photo of the mother-daughter duo posing with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, read, “Her mother was there with her at Heeramandi’s premiere. So maybe recently something happened, or maybe we are overanalysing, and her mom is just not active on Instagram.”

A comment read, “Bro most parents don’t use Instagram like that. Unnecessary speculations.” Another person also agreed, writing, “I think this is over analysis… can’t expect boomers to show their disagreement by not following on IG.”

Sonakshi Sinha is marrying actor Zaheer Iqbal on June 23 in Mumbai. Sonakshi and Zaheer, who have been dating for seven years, will celebrate their wedding at Bastian, Mumbai. Their leaked wedding invite, which recently surfaced, has been designed to look like the cover of a magazine. Reportedly, many celebs have been invited to the wedding party, which is expected to take place following Sonakshi and Zaheer’s registered marriage.

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