Air India Express strike robs woman chance to meet dying husband in Oman | India News

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Amrita (25) never thought that she would find herself in a quandary at Thiruvananthapuram International Airport on May 8 after hospital authorities in Oman asked her to quickly take a flight to see her critically-ill husband one last time. Now, the woman from Karamana in Thiruvananthapuram is grappling with a tragedy due to the unexpected strike by Air India Express employees.
The cancellation of flights stopped her emergency travel to Oman and her husband Nambi Rajesh (40), an IT project manager based in Muscat, succumbed to his illness on Monday. The undeclared strike by Air India Express employees last Wednesday left numerous passengers, including Amrita, stranded. She shared her plight with the media. Despite her desperate pleas to company representatives at the airport, no one came to her aid so that she could see her husband one last time.
Amrita’s mother, Chitra, recounted with teary eyes how her daughter begged them repeatedly, in vain. Chitra expressed her frustration and disappointment saying airline officials were unsympathetic. “Because of their strike, my daughter could not see her husband. This is outrageous. We lost our sole breadwinner,” she told TOI.
Amrita is a BSc nursing student and mother of two children, aged five and three. The family is uncertain about their future in the wake of this tragedy. Chitra said they intend to take legal action against the airline and seek compensation for their loss.
Earlier, Amrita’s family had immediately booked tickets for her on an Air India Express flight on May 8. But flight cancellations thwarted her trip. Despite being notified of her scheduled departure on May 9, she was unable to travel due to the unavailability of flights on that day.
Subsequently, she encountered difficulties in securing tickets on another flight as the ticket fare was not refunded. Rajesh’s health deteriorated again on Monday and he died at the hospital.
Chitra said Rajesh’s mortal remains will be brought home on Wednesday. The family will decide on his last rites after Amrita’s sister, who is pursuing medical education in Georgia, returns. “The funeral may be held at the crematorium in Karamana day after tomorrow,” she added.
Meanwhile, the airline informed the family that ticket fare could be refunded. But the family made it clear that the airline is responsible for Amrita’s current situation and they will file a case against the firm.

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