Ajay Devgn’s onscreen daughter in Shaitaan, Janki Bodiwala: Very tough to land on a good script in Bollywood

Actor Janki Bodiwala, who played Ajay Devgn’s daughter in the Vikas Bahl directorial Shaitaan is happy about the success of the film. “It’s really overwhelming. The love of the audience that I am getting online also is amazing to feel right now,” she shares, adding that working with R Madhavan, Devgn, and Jyotika was a great opportunity. “It was a learning experience for me to work with such experienced actors. Itne saalon tak kaam karne ke baad bhi, they are so dedicated and professional about their work.”

Ajay Devgn and Janki Bodiwala
Ajay Devgn and Janki Bodiwala

The 28-year-old, who was also the main lead in the 2023 Gujarati original Vash, says that the two films were different. “The scripts were not that similar, just the base line was. The directors of both films are different, so the vision was also distinct to look at the same thing. Besides language, my character’s graph was also quite different in both the films. In the Hindi version, many scenes were additional, including the cylinder shot and the creepy aura of the villain,” she tells us.

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“I am looking for some good roles in Bollywood, it is very tough to land on a good script. There are so many people around you doing the same work and putting the same level of energy. After the film, there are talks going on about more Hindi projects, but nothing has been finalised yet,” says the actor, who made her Bollywood debut with Shaitaan, adding, “I have expectations from myself and the industry that I shouldn’t work in the same genre and it should be very different from my previous work. I would also like to explore the OTT medium, everyone is watching content there, even more than television. I would love to be a part of it.”

Ask her if the commercial success of a film means a lot as compared to critical acclaim in the current scenario of the industry, and Bodiwala answers, “Success in Bollywood is multifaceted, and I believe it encompasses both commercial success and creative acclaim. While box office numbers and mass appeal are undoubtedly important, creative projects that push boundaries, evoke emotions, and resonate with audiences on a deeper level also contribute significantly to an artist’s success. Ultimately, a balance of both commercial viability and creative excellence can lead to a fulfilling and impactful career in Bollywood.”

“I am currently excited about several upcoming projects that are in the pipeline. While I can’t reveal specific details at this moment, I can assure you that each project brings a unique storytelling experience that I am eagerly looking forward to sharing with the audience,” concludes the actor, when questioned about her upcoming projects.

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