Akshay Kumar reveals Asin’s husband Rahul Sharma loves her madly and treats her like a ‘goddess’ | Bollywood

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has a big role to play in his Khiladi 786 co-star Asin’s love story with businessman husband Rahul Sharma, with the latter once sharing that Akshay was the first one to reach the hospital when Asin delivered a baby girl in 2017. (Also read: Asin and Rahul Sharma tie the knot, ‘Cupid’ Akshay Kumar is the best man)

Actor Akshay Kumar shares a close bond with his Khiladi 786 co-star Asin's husband Rahul Sharma.
Actor Akshay Kumar shares a close bond with his Khiladi 786 co-star Asin’s husband Rahul Sharma.

Akshay has also shared that he is in awe of the couple’s bond, adding that Rahul loves Asin madly.

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The confessions were made during an interview on Dhawan Karenge with Shikhar Dhawan. In a segment, Shikhar shared a video message by Rahul and showed it to Akshay, who became emotional after watching the video.

Their close bond

It was revealed that Akshay played the role of cupid when he introduced Asin to his friend Rahul, following which they came close and got married. Asin and Rahul got married in 2016, and welcomed their daughter Arin in 2017.

In the video, Rahul is seen saying, “When my daughter was about to be born, he kept calling me and saying, tell me when it happens. I said ‘yes, of course’. When she was born, he was the first person I called and said ‘brother, good news’, and he said ‘fantastic’.”

Rahul also shared that Akshay kept a plane on standby when Asin was about to deliver, revealing that he stayed in touch with him throughout the day through his phone, and was super excited about Rahul becoming a dad. Arin was born in Kochi, and Akshay was among the first few people she met after entering their world.

“He had kept a plane on standby since morning to get there as soon as she was born. Even before my family came, he was the first to come in and… This is a memory that I can never forget in my life,” Rahul shared in the video, adding, “When I have to do something big in life, I go ahead thinking that you are beside me. I get this strength from you”.

Rahul also confessed that when he has to do something big in life, he goes ahead believing that Akshay is beside him, and that gives him strength.

Akshay’s reaction

Akshay was touched by the emotional message by Rahul, and called him a great person. He also gave a sneak peek into Asin and Rahul’s relationship.

“He is madly in love with his wife, his child. It’s like he treats her like a goddess. We share a deep friendship. Sometimes we don’t speak for 2-3 weeks, but then we start from the same place again,” Akshay said.

Asin and Rahul divorce rumours

Last year, several reports claimed that Asin is headed for a divorce with her husband Rahul. The rumours started after Asin reportedly deleted all her pictures with Rahul except one from her Instagram account. She has also removed her wedding photos from her social media profile.

However, a source told HT at that time, “They are one of the happiest couples we know. Rahul is a doting husband and father and absolutely adores Asin. They are the sort of genuine down to earth couple one rarely sees and they love to keep away from drama and attention. They are very low profile and keep away from social media exactly for this reason. It’s ridiculous to see this written about a couple like them. In fact, they are on a holiday together with their daughter and are having a good laugh about it.”

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