Amol Parashar gets nostalgic about his IIT-JEE results when he got 238 rank: It was a matter of great pride

Amol Parashar recently surprised fans by sharing a lesser-known and interesting detail from his life—he excelled in the fiercely competitive IIT-JEE examinations. Days after the 2024 IIT-JEE results were announced this year, Parashar proudly revealed his achievement of securing an All India Rank (AIR) of 238 in exams.

Amol Parashar had a rank of 238 in his IIT JEE Mains.
Amol Parashar had a rank of 238 in his IIT JEE Mains.

In an Instagram post, Parashar expressed his joy and nostalgia, reflecting on the first he made it to the newspapers. He wrote: “Seeing all the IIT-JEE results ads in the newspapers last couple of weeks reminded me of the first time my face was in the newspapers!!(sic).”

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Speaking to us about his unexpected journey into acting, Parashar recalls his earlier focus on conventional career paths.

“If somebody had told me I would be an actor, I would not even bet my money on it. I had done just one skit in school, nothing serious. But in college, there was some exposure [to acting],” he tells us.

Parashar, known for his versatile roles in TVF Tripling (2016), Sardar Udham (2021), and Cash (2021), adds that options and professions like these didn’t exist in the world he grew up in. “I had never heard of any relative or cousin doing anything remotely creative. There were just lawyers, doctors, and teachers. And that is how the whole khandaan was brought up,” he opines.

Describing the anxiety and anticipation that led up to his results day, the 37-year-old tells us, “Your anxious. You make plans of all kinds like ‘hua to kya hoga’, ‘nahi hua to kya hoga, which college will I go to’. At least at that age, you feel that your life will be defined by that day (result day).”

Recalling the moment when he received his IIT admission, Parashar shares, “It was a matter of great happiness and pride. I do remember feeling a great deal of ‘relief’, when my results were declared.”

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