Anupam Kher on Mumbai office robbery: What’s bothering is thieves took negative of my film Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara

Anupam Kher was in for a shock on Wednesday night, when he received news about his office being robbed. He took to Instagram and shared a video about the same too.

Actor Anupam Kher
Actor Anupam Kher

And not just cash, the thieves have taken things of sentimental value as well. Talking to us, the 69-year-old shares, “The thieves had gotten into my oldest office in Mumbai, where I had in fact started my school (Actor Prepares acting school) My accounts office is still there. They broke into both the grilled and other door, took the whole office safe, which had petty cash in it because I was in the middle of shooting for my directorial Tanvi The Great.”

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Kher went ahead and filed an FIR. He continues, “The safe had more than 4 lakh in cash, and a bag containing the negatives of my production Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Maara (2005; it had won the National Film Award – Special Jury Award)Since it is an old building, the police had to use the CCTV footage from the adjoining building. They have found some visuals of the two people. Hopefully, the police will catch them. And I am also really hoping that they have not damaged the negatives of the film. This is what’s bothering me, baaki sab toh theek hai.”

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