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Arnold Schwarzenegger, the legendary action star, has had a stellar career in Hollywood. However, even the most successful actors have their fair share of regrets, and for Schwarzenegger, that regret comes in the form of his 1985 movie, Red Sonja. Despite achieving cult status in recent years, the film remains one of Schwarzenegger’s biggest disappointments.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor and former governor of California.(REUTERS)
Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor and former governor of California.(REUTERS)

Red Sonja, with its lackluster storyline and miscasting, failed to resonate with audiences upon its release. It only managed to earn $6.9 million at the box office, falling far short of its $17.9 million budget. Reflecting on this career-destroying film, Schwarzenegger admitted that he even punished his children by making them watch it.

Schwarzenegger’s Hollywood journey began with Pumping Iron, the 1977 bodybuilding documentary that showcased his rising star power. From there, he skyrocketed to fame with iconic roles in films like Commando, Predator, and the Terminator franchise. However, even the de facto king of Hollywood had to overcome struggles along the way.

Red Sonja stands out as one of Schwarzenegger’s most terrifying projects, almost derailing his career due to scathing criticism and poor box office performance. The film’s dull storyline was heavily criticized, and its financial failure left a lasting impact. Schwarzenegger himself expressed disdain for his involvement in the movie, calling it the worst film he has ever made.

In a tongue-in-cheek manner, Schwarzenegger revealed how he jokingly punished his children by making them watch Red Sonja. “When my kids get out of line, they’re sent to their rooms and forced to watch Red Sonja 10 times. I never had too much trouble with them,” he quipped.

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Despite the setback of Red Sonja, Schwarzenegger managed to survive the downfall and climb his way back up the ladder of success. Today, he is celebrated as one of the greatest action heroes of all time. However, the film remains a massive flop and a significant regret in his Hollywood career.

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