Basement, staircase unearthed at Bhojshala complex: Hindu side | India News

Mhow: The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) team conducting a court-ordered survey of the disputed Bhojshala complex unearthed a basement with a staircase Tuesday while excavating for samples for carbon-dating, a representative of the Hindu side said.
The digging first revealed some steps and further excavation suggested that there was a basement, Gopal Sharma, convenor of Bhojshala Mukti Andolan and a Hindu representative accompanying the ASI team, told TOI.Representatives of the Hindu and Muslim sides accompany the ASI team during the study.
It’s the 12th day of the multidisciplinary scientific survey. The Archaeological Survey of India team is expected to submit its report to the court within six weeks from the date of the order on March 11.
On Tuesday, ASI expanded their study area into Gachawadi – a residential area adjoining the structure which is believed to be part of the erstwhile Bhojshala. The team began excavating at two places in Gachawadi in a 50 metre radius, Sharma said, adding the digging started in the courtyard of a building.
On Monday, two new archaeological experts joined the survey to expedite the work. Three members of the team also visited the ASI museum in Jahaj Mahal complex to examine statues and artefacts that were found earlier from Bhojshala. For the first time, revenue officials were also roped in for the exact demarcation of the land around Bhojshala.
As the ASI survey continued, Hindu devotees thronged the Bhojshala site at 11am with a portrait of Goddess Vaghdevi along with flowers and other puja material. They offered prayers as per the weekly Tuesday ritual & sang bhajans, before leaving around 1pm.

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