BJP handed over ‘Bihar’ to Nitish Kumar just to get 30-35 MPs, says poll strategist Prashant Kishor | India News

PATNA: After predicting a clear win for the BJP-led NDA in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, poll strategist Prashant Kishor on Thursday blamed the BJP for “Bihar’s backwardness and showing no interest in transforming its fate”.
Talking to media persons in Madhepura on Thursday, Kishor took potshots at the BJP for “handing” Bihar to JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar without caring for its fate.

“The BJP which formed governments in other states by breaking different parties didn’t take the responsibility to transform the fate of Bihar despite emerging as a bigger party than JD(U) after the 2020 state assembly elections. It simply handed over the throne to Nitish who had only 42 MLAs,” Kishor said.
He stated that BJP didn’t do that out of its love for Nitish. “The BJP did this because it wanted the equation with Nitish to remain intact to ensure they get 30-35 MPs from Bihar,” Kishor explained, adding the saffron party didn’t care what would happen with the people of the state.

Describing the allegations as rubbish, state BJP spokesperson Manoj Sharma said whatever the party did was in the interests of the state. “Perhaps PK is not aware of Bihar before 2005. We together freed the state from RJD’s jungle raj,” Sharma said, adding the party took Nitish’s help in the better interests of the party and the state. “We entered into an alliance with Nitish in Bihar’s interests,” Sharma asserted.

Kishor, who is more popular as PK said the Congress leadership had committed the same blunder earlier in the 90’s when it “handed over” the state as well as its organisation to the RJD with the only objective to get 20-30 MPs from Bihar.

“The only reason the Congress leadership did this was to get 20-30 MPs. This is the tragedy of Bihar that both the national parties, Congress and BJP, did not care about Bihar due to their greed for MPs,” PK alleged, charging both RJD chief Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar with dividing the society in the name of social justice.
Rubbishing the charges, state Congress spokesperson Anand Madhav said the PK was doing all that only to support the BJP. “PK is now acting as an agent of the BJP. Whatever he is doing is only to support the BJP at a time when the Congress is performing well all over the country,” Madhav said adding the LS results would prove their claim.

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