Bryan Cranston gives a spot-on impression of Ariana Madix on ‘WWHL’

Even after not paying close attention to the Vanderpump Rules drama, Bryan Cranston,67, still managed to accomplish a remarkable impression of Ariana Madix.

Bryan Cranston and Maya Hawke on Watch What Happens L!ve with Andy Cohen (WWHL screenshot/twitter )
Bryan Cranston and Maya Hawke on Watch What Happens L!ve with Andy Cohen (WWHL screenshot/twitter )

The Breaking Bad actor put his acting abilities to the test with a performance of Madix’s Vanderpump Rules drama season 10 finale monologue, on Tuesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Cranston said, “Is it alright if I don’t know what I’m doing?” just after delivering the scene, which was a direct copy of Madix’s last words to ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval.

The lights dimmed, and Cranston emotionally started delivering Madix’s speech. He said, “I’ve been with you for nine years, when you were literally f—ing, like, wearing combat boots and skinny jeans. And didn’t have a dime to your name. Oh, no.”

“Now you’ve got a little bit of money. Little bar, little band. And this girl is going to act enamored with you? Cause that’s what you want. You want someone to just gas you up. You’re worth nothing,” the actor added, emphasizing his words by wagging his finger, while the audience erupted in enthusiastic applause.

The monologue ended with Madix’s final declaration, “I regret ever loving you,” then sentimentally turned away covering his face. Host Andy Cohen was trying to suppress his laughter throughout the scene, whereas the audience wholeheartedly supported Cranston’s performance.

Cranston confessed he “never seen the show” prior to the acting challenge, leaving everyone astonished.

There are other actors like Cranston who are up to theVPR challenge in what Cohen calls the “Pump Rules Clubhouse Playhouse”. A segment featured onWWHLin which the guest actors reenact scenes from the popular Bravo reality show. In a recent highlight, formerMad Men costars Jon Hamm and John Slattery played Sandoval and James Kennedy. Whereas, this time the actors came with prior knowledge, Hamm openly identifies himself as a “Vanderpumper.”


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