By changing name, you can’t own our land: EAM to China on Arunachal | India News

NEW DELHI: Following another spat with India over the status of Arunachal Pradesh, China again resorted to renaming of villages in the Indian state to back its claims of sovereignty. In Surat, foreign minister S Jaishankar responded by saying the state was, is and will always remain a part of India.
“If I change the name of your house, will it become mine? Arunachal Pradesh was an Indian state, is an Indian state and will remain so in the future.Nothing will be gained by changing names,” the minister, who is on a two-day visit to Gujarat, said. The Chinese civil affairs ministry released a fresh list last week of “standardised geographical names” for 30 places in the state it calls Zangnan.
This is the fourth time China has released a list of new names for villages in the north-eastern state.
China’s 30 new names for Arunachal sites to ‘take effect’ from May 1
After China objected to PM Modi’s visit to Arunachal earlier this year, India has repeatedly reminded China that such baseless claims won’t change the reality that the state is and will always be a part of India. The official website of the Chinese ministry posted 30 additional names for the region. Set to take effect from May 1, the implementation measures stipulate in Article 13 that “place names in foreign languages that may harm China’s territorial claims and sovereignty rights shall not be directly quoted or translated without authorisation”.

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