‘Can’t rely only on breath test’: Court frees man in hit-&-run case | India News

HYDERABAD: A drunk truck driver who allegedly fatally hit a teenaged girl in Gandhinagar in September 2016 walked free after a Hyderabad court dismissed the prosecution case, saying that it relied solely on a breathalyser test.
The judge criticised police for not corroborating the breathalyser test report with a blood test, as required by the Evidence Act, and for not producing witnesses.
“There is not sufficient evidence to conclude that the accused drove the vehicle at the time of the incident,” the court said.
The accused’s breathalyser test after the accident recorded his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at 202 mg/100ml, well beyond the permissible limit of 30 mg/100 ml. However, the court rejected this evidence as it was not supported by a medical test conducted at a hospital.
The judge observed that most of the cited witnesses, including some policemen, the doctor, and the investigation officer, were not examined during the trial.

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