Cara Delevingne reveals getting drunk at age 8, opens up about sobriety journey; ‘I thought drugs and alcohol…’ | Hollywood

Supermodel Cara Delevingne is getting refreshingly honest. During a recent interview with the Sunday Times, she opened up about the dark side of her past, revealing a battle with substance abuse that began at a shockingly young age. Having not touched alcohol since 2022, she went on with a candid discussion about her journey towards sobriety. She also talked about the huge fire that consumed her Los Angeles residence in March resulting in losses in Millions.

Cara Delevingne's $7m Los Angeles home goes up in flames
Cara Delevingne’s $7m Los Angeles home goes up in flames

Cara Delevingne opens up about her early struggles with alcohol

Cara Delevingne, the model-turned-actress who made waves in the fashion industry with her debut runway show for Burberry in 2011, recently shared that she first got drunk at the age of 8. Cara revealed it was her aunt’s wedding in 2001 and despite being underage, ‘I got drunk that day,’ she recalled. ‘I was eight, what a crazy age to get drunk.’”

“I used to think drugs and alcohol helped me cope,” she told the outlet. “But they didn’t, they kept me sad and super depressed. I feel like I’ve got my power back and I’m not being controlled by other things.”

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In 2022, the model decided to give up her previous habits and embraced a journey to sobriety. However, she mentioned having no issues while hanging out with friends at parties that included drinks. She now attends all parties, events, and festivals in sober mode. She recalled attending the recent Glastonbury festival without drinking and feeling tired, unable to stay up late. Despite this, she admitted it was fun and expressed a desire to maintain her new lifestyle.

The incident that convinced her to let go of drinking

According to People, the 31-year-old described an incident where she saw paparazzi clicked pictures of her following the 2022 Burning Man festival. She mentioned it was a serious ‘wake-up’ call for her.

“Listen, I signed up for this, this is my job, it’s what I do. But without that would I be sober now? I would have never been Sally Bowles in the West End, I’m super proud of that,” she said referencing her recent role.

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Cara Delevingne recalls massive fire at her Los Angeles residence

On March 15, reports surfaced that the model’s home in Studio City, California, was consumed by flames. Cara faced a significant financial setback; however, she mentioned that if she had not been sober, she would still be reeling over it.

“It would still affect me really deeply. Of course it affected me, it’s super sad,” she said. “It never won’t be. But I don’t use it as a tool to keep myself sad.”

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