Cezanne Khan’s alleged wife accuses him of domestic violence

Actor Cezanne Khan, who became famous after playing Anurag Basu in Kasautii Zindagii Kay (2001), has been accused of domestic violence by Aisha Pirani, who claims to be his wife. In a new interview, Aisha claimed that Cezanne was ‘always very abusive’ and would lock her inside a room. Aisha said that they are still married as per Muslim law. (Also Read | Cezanne Khan’s alleged wife Aisha Pirani files FIR against him: He used me for obtaining US green card)

Cezanne Khan has been accused of domestic violence by his 'wife'.
Cezanne Khan has been accused of domestic violence by his ‘wife’.

Aisha filed FIR against Cezanne

Aisha, who lives in the US, said that she filed the FIR on June 7. She also said that Cezanne and his girlfriend would send her ‘dirty voice notes, tortured me’. She added that she ‘sent it to the police station’. Last year, Cezanne had spoken about his plans to get married to his girlfriend Afsheen. They have been together for over three years now.

Aisha on facing domestic violence

Now, when asked about domestic violence, Aisha told Times of India, “Yes, my kids are my witness. He would lock me inside my room and in my house and he would flirt with other girls on Skype. He is a Casanova I believe. He used to tell me, ‘I am married to you, I haven’t given you my life’. This used to be his dialogue. He would always be very abusive. If I would forget to get fruits, he likes to eat fruits at night, he would use such crass words, I can’t even say.”

Aisha talked about if she met Cezanne and Afsheen

Aisha also responded on if she met Cezanne and Afsheen when she came to India to file FIR. She said, “No not this time. But last year, I tried to talk to him. I visited his Yari road residence with one of my niece. He saw me and ran away. I tried to speak to him but he wouldn’t. As a Muslim, I am still in a nikaah with him and I want to move on. And what I am hearing, I think he is married again to this woman named Afsheen. They have been together for around 4 years. Don’t know how true it is. When I went to meet him. I saw her also and they both fled.”

Cezanne spoke about Aisha in 2021

In 2021, when he was asked about being married to Aisha, Cezanne dismissed her claims and had called her an ‘obsessive fan’. Cezanne told Times of India, “I was never married to her. This is a case of an obsessive fan. It’s irrelevant to talk about such people. She is just trying to gain publicity through me. She is the sister of my cousin’s wife who lives in Karachi, that’s how I know her. I have no idea about any marriage certificate. She morphs a lot of stuff.”

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