Challenges of AI, technology’s impact on democracy discussed at Collision Tech Conference

Jun 29, 2023 10:59 IST

Toronto [Canada], June 29 (ANI): A conference titled “How is Tech reshaping Democracy?” was held at Enercare Center, Toronto, which discussed technology’s huge impact on democracy and access to information to common people.
The Collision Tech conference was organised here on Tuesday at 11 am (local time) in which Anita Sharma, CTV News and Freelancer took part as a moderator. Commissioner of the US Federal Election Commission Ellen Weintraub and Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party Melissa Lantsman were the panellists at the conference.
The conference also discussed the technology’s huge impact on democracy and access to information to common people, freedom of speech, and internet freedom and also addressed the challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Anita Sharma, in relation to India, said that with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to the US and with Tech Titans, the US is sending a message to China that technology is transforming and that the US is finding a new partner in India.
With regard to China, Sharma said China’s premier coming out saying China still wants to be America’s factory and warehouse and wants to work with America ignoring the geopolitical issues.

Meanwhile, Melissa Lantsman said that human rights abuses against Uyghurs in China, allegations of interference in Canadian elections and the regime in Beijing’s hostage diplomacy with Canada have posed some bigger questions on Canada’s relationships with China.
She mentioned India having huge young talents and Canada’s welcoming approach towards them.
She emphasised that if Canada wants to be the leader of Technological change then Canada should be partnering with countries like India which have shared values.
She added that Canada has lost core diplomatic relations with India and stressed that Canada’s relationship with India “should have been better, they could have been better and again one day they will be better.”
In her concluding remarks, Anita said that the US is deeply involved with India and Silicon Valley is proof of that. (ANI)

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