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NEW DELHI: Former Tihar Jail PRO Sunil Kumar Gupta refuted the Aam Aadmi Party’s claim of governing Delhi from jail on Monday, stating that it would require breaking numerous rules due to its extreme difficulty.
Sunil Kumar Gupta, speaking to ANI, said that governing entails more than just signing documents; it involves numerous tasks that are practically impossible to carry out from within a jail.
“It would be extremely challenging. There has to be a personal staff with the CM. As of now, there are 16 jails and there is no such facility in any of them where a chief ministership can run from. All the rules have to be broken for it. No one would allow the breaking of so many rules. Running a government does not mean simply signing the files. To run a government, cabinet meetings are called, ministers are consulted, and there is a lot of staff, there are meetings or telephone conversations with the LG. The jail does not have a telephone facility. The public comes to meet a CM for the redressal of their grievances,” he said.
“It is impossible to create a CM office in a jail,” he added.
Additionally, the former Tihar Jail PRO mentioned that administrators possess the authority to designate their residence or workplace as a jail. If implemented, this allows for the signing of documents and other official activities.
“But in that place, there will have to be a superintendent and the staff will also have to be kept there. There is a lot of hindrance in that too. Prisoners in jail can speak to their families every day for 5 minutes and all of it is recorded. All this is not practical at his house,” former Tihar Jail PRO said.
Gupta emphasized the need for special arrangements to ensure the safety and security of influential individuals in jail.
“According to the jail manual, first of all, they have to be kept in a safe and secure place. It is the responsibility of the Superintendent to ensure that no one harms them. I have heard that he also does yoga and meditation, so we will keep him in a place where he can do all this. The good thing about Delhi is that there is no classification system based on status and wealth here. This used to happen 30 years ago, in which if someone was MLA or MP, they would get a B-class facility. There is still a classification system in the Southern States,” Sushil Kumar Gupta told ANI.
He also highlighted the superintendent’s responsibility to provide a space where Kejriwal can meet with his family.
“A common man can meet his family twice a week and his name has to be registered first. Names of 10 people have to be written. But due to security reasons, he cannot be kept with normal people and the superintendent will have to designate a place where Kejriwal can meet his family,” he said.
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