Congress manifesto reflects agenda of Muslim League, says PM Modi | India News

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday criticised Congress again and said that when the opposition party released its manifesto, his first thought was that it reflected the agendas of the Muslim League.
“Then they said if there is a project, then on that too, Muslims will have the first right to execute the plan for that. In this sense, they will not allocate projects based on merit, but on religion,” he added.
On his decision to remove Article 370, PM Narendra Modi said, “Article 370 was the agenda of only 4-5 families, it was neither the agenda of the people of Kashmir nor the agenda of the people of the country.For their benefit, they had built such a wall of 370 and used to say that if 370 is removed, there will be a fire…Today it has become true that after the removal of 370, there is a feeling of more unity. The feeling of belongingness is increasing among the people of Kashmir and hence its direct result is also visible in elections, tourism…”

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