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NASHIK/KALYAN: PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday claimed Congress had drawn up a plan to spend 15% of the Union Budget exclusively on Muslims when it was in office and said it now plans to carry forward the same “agenda” to “appease its votebank” and divide it into a “Muslim budget” and a “Hindu budget”.
“Congress us samay chahti thi ki desh ke saare Budget ka pandrah pratishat sirf Musalmano par kharch ho,” Modi said, adding the govt led by Manmohan Singh then had to shelve the plan after strong opposition from him in his role as Gujarat chief minister and BJP.
“Lekin ab ye saare purane agenda lagu karne pe tule hain (But now they are bent on reintroducing their previous agendas),” he said at a rally at Pimpalgaon Baswant.
“If Congress is elected, it will make two budgets on the basis of religion. I will not allow the Budget to be divided as a ‘Hindu budget’ and ‘Muslim budget’ and will not allow quotas based on religion,” he said in Kalyan at another rally.
Only exposing Cong bid to divide country on basis of religion: PM Modi
PM Modi, who has been accused by his rivals of polarising rhetoric during LS poll campaign, went on the offensive, saying he was not the one doing so but it was Congress, which was being divisive.
He said he was “being accused by their (Congress) ecosystem of raking up Hindu-Muslim issues” but he was only exposing Congress’s attempts to divide the country on the basis of religion.
“Should I not expose their designs? Should I think about my image and not speak about it at all? I will not allow my country to be divided like that. Aren’t all Hindustanis one?” he said. He added, “They had to create a nation in the name of religion and so they did. Congress was helpless and gave it. Now you will say ‘Hindu budget,’ ‘Muslim budget.’ Can this country have a separate budget for Hindus and Muslims?”
Modi said Congress had shown the “green flag” to distribution of money on the lines of religion and had even asked state govts to spend 15% of their budget only on members of a minority community. “Aap kalpana kar sakte hain ki Budget ka is prakar se tukde karna kitna khatarnak vichar hai. Aur aap jaante hai Congress ke liye minority sirf ek hi hai — unka apna priya vote bank (You can imagine how dangerous the thinking of dividing the budget this way is. For Congress, there is only one minority community — its dear vote bank),” Modi said.
Describing Uddhav Thackeray’s Shiv Sena UBT again as ‘Nakli Sena’, he said it had joined Congress and was mum on all such things and also on Congress’s clean chit to Pakistan and terrorists. He challenged Sena UBT to get ‘Congress’s Shehzada’ (Rahul Gandhi) to say five positive sentences about Veer Savarkar. Modi said the ‘Nakli Sena’ would merge with Congress after LS poll results and “would cease to exist.”
He also accused Rahul of insulting Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, indirectly referring to a clip where the Congress MP was handed a bust of Shivaji on a dais during a recent poll rally.
The PM also said in Kalyan that he has prepared a blueprint for work to be done in the first 100 days after formation of his govt and appealed to youth to send him innovative suggestions about what work should be done so that he could make it a target of “the first 125 days instead of 100” and could work on their suggestions for 25 days separately.
Modi reiterated Congress was planning to give Muslims the quota meant for SCs, STs and economically weaker sections. “Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar never intended to have reservation on religious lines,” he said.
Modi asserted Congress would lose the LS polls in such a way that it would be difficult for it to even get the tag of main opposition party .

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