‘Congress will make budgets on basis of religion’: PM Modi at Kalyan rally | India News

KALYAN: While addressing a public rally in Kalyan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that if the Congress government is elected, it will make two budgets on the basis of religion.
PM Modi alleged that “during Manmohan Singh’s time, there was a plan to make two budgets in which 15 percent of the budget was planned for Muslims, but at that time I was the Chief Minister of Gujarat and I opposed it.But if Congress elected, it will make budgets on the basis of religion.”
During this time, the PM also challenged Uddhav’s Shiv Sena and once again addressed them as fake Shiv Sena and said that if they have the courage, they should make the Yuvraj of Congress recite 5 sentences on Veer Savarkar.
PM Modi was addressing rally for Union Minister of Panchayat Raj Kapil Patil who is contesting for third time from Bhiwandi Loksabha seat and Shrikant Shinde son of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde who is two time MP and contesting from Kalyan seat for third time.
During rally, the Prime Minister said that he has prepared a blueprint for the work of the coming 100 days and appealed to the youth across country to send innovative suggestions about what work should be done in our country, which normally do not come in our mind, so that he can make this target of 25 days separately and work on those suggestions can be done after 100 days.
PM said, “I want to build such a foundation for the country that my goal of 2047 comes closer. My every moment is for you, my every moment is for the country, that is why I say 24/7 for 2047.
During this time, while questioning the efficiency of Rahul Gandhi, Modi without naming him said that the way India is developing rapidly in every field today, who can take the country from where we have reached today? During this time, PM accused Congress of asking for votes in the name of poverty for many years and said that they had made corruption a norm, can such people take the country forward?
During this time, PM Modi appealed public to make vote for Mahayuti’s both candidate saying that soon metro will come from Bhiwandi to Kalyan, the work of Mumbai- Delhi Highway will be completed, apart from this Samrudhi Highway and many other works will be completed in Bhiwandi and Kalyan constituency.
PM Modi further accused Congress that it always does Hindu Muslim politics, for Congress development means the development of those people who vote for them, Congress always keeps doing politics on Hindu Muslim and I keep exposing them.
PM Modi further said, “When I bring out all their mistakes, then their entire eco system starts shouting that Modi is doing Hindu-Muslim. Whereas Modi is exposing their dirty secrets. I want to give an example to Congress and this example is recorded in history, I challenge Congress to answer this question of mine”.
PM Modi while repeating his earlier statement that Congress openly said that “Muslims have a right over the resources of the country and Manmohan Singh ji used to say it and during that time I was chief minister and I had opposed it.”
PM Modi also claimed that Congress and its allies had planned to divide the country’s development budget. They had thought of making a Hindu budget and a Muslim budget. Congress wanted 15% of the budget to be allocated for Muslims.
“They (Muslim) had to create a religion in the name of the country and so they did. Congress was helpless and gave it. Now you will say Hindu budget, Muslim budget. Can this country have a separate budget for Hindus and Muslims?” PM asked the crowd.
“Congress was committing this sin and at that time I was the Chief Minister of Gujarat and I strongly opposed it. If Congress and its alliance come to power, they will do the same but is it right to divide the country on the basis of religion?,” PM added.
PM Modi said, “Such party should not be allowed to win even a single seat in the entire country”.
PM Modi accused Rahul that the “prince” of Congress is playing the same old game of appeasement by giving example of Muslim reservation given by Congress in Karnataka from OBC quota.
PM said that before 2014 government there used to be bomb blasts all over the country and attacks on the border, but this did not happen after 2014.
During this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called out the previous governments and said that the previous government used to do peace talks when there was an attack, used to fly doves of peace, used to say please please do not attack us, these people shamed the brave land of India, but after 2014, Pakistan does not threaten India. Because we responded to their attack. We did air strikes strikes.
PM Modi also said that now Pakistan has stopped giving atomic threats to us, but now this work is done by Congress people who asks us to respect Pakistan saying they have atomic power.
During the rally PM Modi also accused Uddhav Thackeray that he does not see the mistakes of the prince of Congress who insulted Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
The “fake” Shiv Sena has blindfolded itself, they do not even see the insult of Veer Savarkar by the prince of Congress. I challenge the people of nakli Shiv Sena to make the prince of Congress say 5 sentences about Veer Savarkar. They will not be able to do so.
He also accused “Nakli” Shiv Sena for using bomb blast accused for their election campaign.

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