CPI(M) releases manifesto for Lok Sabha elections, promises to scrap CAA | India News

NEW DELHI: The Communist Party of India (Marxist) on Thursday released its manifesto for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.
Party general secretary Sitaram Yechury in the presence of senior party leader Prakash Karat, Brinda Karat and Nilotpal Basu promised that if the party comes to power, then it is committed to scrapping the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).
After releasing the party manifesto, Yechury said at a press conference at the party office in Delhi that the CPI(M) pledges to fight for an uncompromising adherence to the principle that religion is separated from politics, the state, the government and administration. It will fight for a law against hate speech and crimes. It is committed to scrapping the CAA, he said.
CPI(M) in the Manifesto said that it stands for the restoration of the constitutional rights of the states which have been severely diluted by the Modi government. The CPI(M) stands for devolution of 50 per cent of the total collection of Central taxes to the states, including share of surcharges and cess levied by Centre. It stands for a Governor to be chosen out of a panel of three eminent persons proposed by the Chief Minister; for an end to policies which promote centralization at the expense of the states.
CPI(M) also promised in Manifesto that party stands for the scrapping of all draconian laws like UAPA and PMLA; for steps to protect and strengthen the autonomy of independent institutions, for defence of the democratic rights of the people.
The CPI(M) Manifesto also emphasized its ongoing support for the autonomous status guaranteed under Section 370 of Jammu and Kashmir. It pledges to advocate for the rights of the region’s people through all available platforms. Furthermore, the CPI(M) advocates for prompt elections to the State Assembly and the reinstatement of full statehood as an initial measure.
In CPI(M) Manifesto also promised that party stands for a law for reservations in the private sector.
“The CPI(M) stands for a law for reservations in the private sector and for immediate filling of vacancies in reserved posts without dilution; for protection of constitutional and legal rights of adivasis and an end to cultural assimilation. In order to acquire proper data on the OBCs in the country it is necessary to conduct a caste census along with the 2021 general census that is overdue. It stands for the immediate implementation of one-third reservations for women; for strengthening processes of justice for women victims of crimes”, the party’s manifesto added.
In its manifesto, the CPI(M) also committed to urgent electoral reforms aimed at reducing the influence of monetary resources in the electoral process.
“The CPI(M) stands for urgent electoral reforms to curb the use of money power in the electoral system. For this, the Party wants State funding of elections and a ban on corporate donations to political parties. Corporates must fund to strengthen democracy and such contributions must be credited in a State electoral fund and used for State funding” CPI(M)’s manifesto added.

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