Danny Trejo reacts after throwing punch and being knocked down at 4th of July parade: ‘I would be embarrassed…’ | Hollywood

Macho Machete Danny Trejo found himself in a real-life brawl during a Fourth of July parade. After allegedly being pelted with water balloons, the situation heated up when he stormed out of his vintage car and attacked the locals. Trejo reacted by throwing a punch, but things took a turn for worse when he was knocked down. The incident that took place in Sunland-Tujunga was captured in a video which soon went viral. Now, the actor is speaking out, revealing the reason that initially sparked his defence.

Actor Danny Trejo is star of the Machete movie
Actor Danny Trejo is star of the Machete movie

Danny Trejo responds after getting in brawl at 4th of July parade

“I’m so sad that I behaved the way I behaved,” the Desperado actor told TMZ, recalling the incident. The 80-year-old Trejo was invited to the parade marking America’s Independence Day. A viral video showed the actor exiting his vehicle and approaching the people standing by the side whom he believed had thrown water balloons at him.

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“I’m so sad that grown men gotta throw water balloons to enjoy a day,” he said, alleging that he found it childish that people who looked to be nearly in their thirties were up for such pranks during a serious moment. “I don’t think I would’ve even gotten out of the car if somebody hadn’t yelled, ‘It’s acid!’ That’s when I panicked.” He went on to explain his reason for throwing the first punch at the potential culprits.

“When I got out of the car — boom! — then a balloon hit me. Then I look up and I see a guy holding [one]. I went over [and said,] ‘What the hell is wrong with you?'” The Machete star described what provoked his actions. After being knocked to the ground, he rose and threw a foldable chair at those men. The fight grew tense, with women and others urging them to stop, especially since children were present. However, a source earlier informed the outlet that Trejo accidentally targeted the wrong group.

Danny Trejo feels the attack was ‘targeted’

While Trejo admitted to leaving the car, he downplayed it as simply “stepping back” and clarified that he stumbled and fell from the curb, not from a punch, after someone grabbed him. Additionally, his comments hint at his belief that the situation may have stemmed from racial bias.” There’s still people like from the ’50s and ’60s that still feel the same way, because no one else was targeted. No one else was targeted.”

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His friend Mario Castillo, who was present during the incident and also suffered injuries near his eyes and arms, echoed the same sentiment. Castillo felt that the attack towards them was ‘targeted.’ “There was nobody else getting hit with balloons in front of us or behind us. They were just targeting our lowriders.”

I would be embarrassed if I attacked an 80-year-old man and he’s still talking and laughing,” Trejo added.

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