Darwin: Some may not get to study Darwin at all, admits Pradhan | India News

PUNE: Union education minister Dharmendra Pradhan said on Tuesday it is a valid argument that students who do opt for the science stream in Classes XI and XII will never get to know Darwin’s theory of evolution, which was deleted from NCERT’s Class X textbook, reports Ardhra Nair.
“During the Covid-19 pandemic, experts told NCERT officials that repetitive topics could be reduced, and added back later. Textbooks for Class VII, VIII and IX have remained the same. In Class X textbooks, we deleted portions of the theory of evolution last year, and this year too. Textbooks of Classes XI and XII, remain unchanged. But the logic that if a student does not study science after Class X, he/she will not understand Darwin’s theory of evolution is a valid point,” the minister said.

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