Emma Roberts breaks silence on why she hasn’t worked with aunt Julia Roberts; ‘never been the right thing | Hollywood

Family ties in Hollywood often lead to speculation about on-screen collaborations. Emma Roberts, who frequently navigates the scrutinising world of nepotism, now reveals why she hasn’t worked alongside her iconic aunt.

Emma Roberts explains why she hasn't worked with aunt Julia despite desire to collaborate. (pic-getty img)
Emma Roberts explains why she hasn’t worked with aunt Julia despite desire to collaborate. (pic-getty img)

The Space Cadet star opened up about how “it has never been the right thing” to collaborate with Julia Roberts. The interview with Variety follows the recent release of her new Prime Video sci-fi extravaganza, which received a lukewarm response from critics and fans who labeled it as “legally bland and unrealistic.”

Here’s why Emma Roberts never worked with Aunt Julia

America’s sweetheart, Julia Roberts, dominated as the highest-paid actress from the 1990s into the mid-2000s. Despite being a fan of her aunt’s work, Emma Roberts, daughter of Julia’s brother Eric, has not yet had the opportunity to collaborate with her. Speaking to Variety, Emma expressed her desire to find the perfect project for herself and her aunt. “I would love to find the perfect project for me and my aunt, and I know that there will be something.”

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However, she added, “it’s never been the right thing. She’s the best, and I want to do something with her. We send each other books and talk about stuff but it hasn’t been right.”

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Times when Emma and Julia Roberts shared screen

While Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts haven’t shared a major on-screen project yet, it seems they do cross paths in the movie world. Emma Roberts shared how she often watches her own movies while filming on location, mentioning her computer’s collection of favourites like My Best Friend’s Wedding and America’s Sweethearts (where Emma even had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it role as the “Girl in Purple T-shirt”).

Though they haven’t co-starred, both Emma and Julia appeared in the 2010 romantic comedy Valentine’s Day, albeit in separate storylines. Maybe a future film will finally reunite the Roberts ladies on screen.

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Emma Roberts finds fame ‘scary’

Growing up around her famous aunt Julia’s movie sets, Emma Roberts (9 years old when started acting) naturally pursued her career in the same trajectory. But her path wasn’t easy, facing hurdles and nepotism claims. Recently, on the podcast “Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi,” Emma discussed the “scary” side of fame. Having witnessed it firsthand with her aunt Julia, she acknowledged the allure and excitement of fame, but also its darker aspects.

“Fame has never been the goal,” she said, “because fame at a certain level is kind of scary … when you’ve seen fame like that up close and you see what that really does to people [and] their families.”

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