Five of a family killed in inferno, newlywed couple among missing | India News

RAJKOT: Pradeepsinh Chauhan stood among many anxious relatives of the “missing” outside Rajkot civil hospital, enduring the sweltering Sunday heat without food or water, hoping for any positive news about their loved ones. None came. Chauhan said five members of his family perished in the devastating fire at TRP Game Zone the previous evening.
This included his 15-year-old son, his brother-in-law, and his sister’s family.“Two of my family members went to the second floor to save the children, but they could not come out,” Chauhan said. The toll touched 28. The severely burnt bodies were unidentifiable, necessitating DNA tests, which would take time. Authorities compiled a list of people reported “missing” after the fire.
Among the “missing” was a newly married couple-Vivek, 26, and Khushali Dusara, 24-and their sister-in-law Tisha. The family in Gir Somnath district spent a sleepless night, unable to reach the couple over the phone. They travelled Sunday to Rajkot. Vivek and Khushali had tied the knot just two months earlier, adding to the heartbreak of their sudden loss.
Surpalsinh Jadejahad visited the game zone with two friends, but was later listed as “missing”. His father Pathubha said, “My son was involved in the rescue. He was saving people. I was in contact with him. But after some time we lost contact.”
Kalpesh Bagda, 22, had been working at the game zone for the past two years. He is now presumed dead. Bagdahad been a source of hope for his family. His uncle Mansukhbhai lamented: “Kalpesh’s family was hoping for a good life with his new job. But now everything is gone.”
Monu Gaud, a 17-year-old who had come to work at the game zone just 20 days ago from Uttar Pradesh, was also on the “missing” list. “Had we known that this job would take his life, I would not have called him here,” his aunt Sangeeta said.
Daksh, who went to the game zone with his 10-year-old cousin, described the harrowing escape. “The fire broke out near the emergency exit gate and it blocked the exit. The area was covered with a tin sheet. I kicked and broke it to get out. Some people jumped from the first floor. Those who could not jump died,” he said. Daksh’s brother suffered injuries to his hand and forehead and is under treatment.

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