Former US NSA calls PM Modi a ‘global leader’, says big challenge for US and India is ‘China’ | India News

WASHINGTON DC : Calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi a ‘global leader,’ United States’ former National Security Advisor John Bolton said that the big challenge for India and the United States is how to deal with China.
While speaking exclusively with ANI on Prime Minister Modi’s first State visit to the United States, Bolton said that ‘trade relations’ is something that he believes will be discussed between the two leaders as a lot of American and other country’s companies are unwinding their supply chains in China.
“As a leader of India, he is certainly by definition a global leader. He has got strong opinions on a lot of subjects, one of the subjects that I think will be discussed here in Washington will be trade relations between the two countries and the integration of India not just in the WTO context, but in international affairs on the economic side but more broadly”, said the former National Security Advisor.
He highlighted India’s potential as an attractive alternative for these companies, given its English-speaking population and suggested that closer cooperation between India and the US could yield significant benefits for both nations.
“I think India has a lot of opportunities here as you see American, Japanese, and European companies unwinding their supply chains in China, not making additional commitments. India seems to provide a very attractive place they might consider going, having access to millions of people who speak English, is a huge advance for India and so there are real areas of greater cooperation certainly between India and the US and enormous benefits for both countries”, he added.
While speaking on China, Bolton said that it has been trying to intimidate the countries along Pacific and Indian frontiers with its ‘hegemonic aspirations’.
“I think the big challenge that confronts India and the United States is how to deal with China. I think the view in the United States, shared to a large extent across party lines, is that China is a large threat to the US and its friends and allies around the world with its hegemonic aspirations, not just in Asia, but beyond. A lot is going to depend on how the countries in the region align with countries outside the region to deal with it, the two most important countries in that complex situation are India and the US. I think India’s interests lie in closer relations with the US and I hope that’s the view that Prime Minister Modi increasingly accepts,” said Bolton.
Calling further the visit by Prime Minister Modi ‘important’, Bolton said that both countries have a lot to talk more on the whole range of issues.
“I think that this is a very important visit because I think that India and the United States have a lot to talk about on a whole range of issues, international politics, economics and many [ many things, many challenges that confront both countries and I think that there are important decisions to be made in both countries. If I may say so, particularly in India about how to deal with some of the threats and challenges that we face. So I think that the meeting between the two leaders of the countries makes a lot of sense “, said Bolton.
John Bolton when asked about his expectations in terms of tangible outcomes, especially in terms of the defence relationship, said that it (defence) is the most visible matter of closer cooperation between the two countries and added that purchase of Russian S-400 makes it difficult for the US to share its advance technologies with India.
“I think that the defence side is the most visible matter of closer cooperation and I do understand the history with India but there have been recent difficulties like the purchase of the Russian S-400 Air Defense system which makes it impossible for the US to share some of its advance technologies, stealth technologies and I know that ranching for India to pull away from that long-standing high tech weapon relationship with Russia but if you consider this on the basis of India’s self-interest, I think it is appropriate to do and if between the US and India, we can have a few agreements that can come out, I think that would be a plus and India has a lot of opportunities to expand its own Defence industry indigenously and I think that’s something to be looked at as well”, he said.

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