French Man Drugs Wife, Invites 80 Men to Rape Her over 10 Years, Cops Say He Filmed Every Act

A Frenchman is accused of drugging his wife and arranging her rape by 83 men over a decade. (Image: Shutterstock)

A Frenchman is accused of drugging his wife and arranging her rape by 83 men over a decade. (Image: Shutterstock)

A man in France is accused of orchestrating his wife’s rape by 83 men and recording and storing the acts over a period of 10 years.

A man from France’s Avignon was accused of drugging his wife and recording at least 83 men raping her over a period of ten years, the Daily Mail reported. The man, identified as ‘Dominique P’, recruited his wife’s attacker via an online forum discussing non-consensual sex titled ‘Without Her Knowing’.

The members of this forum perform sex acts on unwitting partners.

Dominique recorded several such encounters and stored the material on a USB drive in a file called ‘ABUSES’.

In a separate report the Telegraph said that Dominique used to anaesthetise his wife by allegedly mixing the anti-anxiety drug Témesta (Lorazepam) into her dinner.

After preliminary investigation, authorities have charged 51 men with rape and remanded them in custody. They have registered 92 cases of rape between 2011 and 2020 and identified 83 ‘aggressors’ and are yet to identify the rest.

The 51 men, whose ages range from 26 to 73, were identified and charged with raping the wife of 50 years.

The incidents occurred in the French city of Mazan, near Avignon.

Those accused include a fireman, a municipal councillor, a prison guard, a nurse and a journalist, the Daily Mail said. At least 33 of them were jailed in 2021 and nine were under arrest.

The investigation revealed that Dominique used the forum ‘à son insu’ (‘without him/her knowing’) to organise the abuse of his wife, pseudonym Françoise, while she was sleeping.

The lawyer of the suspects claimed that some believed the wife was ‘simulating’ being unconscious as part of a sex game but investigators argue that they must have known that the woman was drugged because of the discussions they allegedly had with her husband.

Investigators first learned of the horrific incident after they arrested Dominique for filming up the skirts of customers in a supermarket in nearby Carpentras. A search revealed camera equipment and ‘dozens of videos’ of his wife’s abuse after which he was taken into custody.

The investigators also said Dominique told them that none of the ‘aggressors’ “gave up going through with sexual acts on his wife given her state”. He also told them that they were “in possession of his free will to stop these acts and leave”.

He also told these aggressors to park away from the house and to avoid bringing strong smells into the house, such as tobacco or perfume to avoid waking the woman up.

A trial is expected next year.

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