Gehlot govt putting up hurdles in central schemes, says Piyush Goyal

JAIPUR: Union minister Piyush Goyal on Sunday accused the Gehlot government of obstructing central government schemes in Rajasthan for political gains at the cost of the welfare of the people.
“The Centre had approved a Rs 5,782-crore scheme to bring water from Chambal in Alwar, but they (state) stalled it. They have written a letter to the Union government refusing to acquire land for a major railway project and have been supporting the corruption in laying pipelines to households under the union government’s Jal Jeevan Mission,” he said in Kotputli.
Goyal is in the state on a two-day visit to mark the nine years of PM Narendra Modi in office. Calling the recent schemes and announcements made by the Gehlot government misleading, he said, “The announcements made months before the assembly elections are no less than a drama or a political stunt. They did not do anything in the last five years and now they are misleading our lower- and middle-income level families by making such promises. Rajasthan is known for their intelligence. I am sure they will not come into the trap of these promises.”
He termed the schemes akin to distributing freebies ‘rewaris’ to public to hide their complete failures.
Further charging the Gehlot government of not fulfilling the promises made in its manifesto in 2018, he said “They made a bunch of promises which might have attracted people to vote for them in 2018 polls. Now, promises like unemployment allowance and loan waiver for farmers turned out to be white lies.”

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