Google Doodle marks patent anniversary of musical instrument Accordion | India News

NEW DELHI: Google on Thursday celebrated the patent anniversary of the Accordion dedicating a Doodle to the folk music instrument invented during the 1800s.
“On this day in 1829, an instrument was patented with the name accordion, derived from the German word akkord (chord)”, the Google said.
The free-reed instrument has influenced music genres like pop, jazz, folk, and classical among others.
“This animated Doodle celebrates the accordion, a free-reed instrument with bellows that has made an impact on music genres including pop, jazz, folk, and classical”, the Google said.
Explaining the rise in popularity of the instrument, Google said, “Throughout the late 1800s, manufacturers in Germany increased their accordion production due to its popularity among folk musicians across Europe.”
“As Europeans emigrated around the world, the accordion’s use in music expanded”, it added.
Highlighting the reach of the instrument, Google said, “Today the instrument can be heard in folk music, the Latino polka, the tango, cajun music, and more! One event that the accordion is always present at is Oktoberfest. This lively festival is full of carnival fun, music, and traditional clothing like Dirndl dresses and lederhosen.”

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