Government to notify mandatory norms for speed radar & breath analyser | India News

NEW DELHI: In a move that will largely address the growing instances of commuters challenging speed violations and drunk driving challans, the government will soon notify norms mandating the verification and calibration of microwave doppler radar equipment used to measure vehicle speed and breath analyser.
The legal metrology wing of the consumer affairs department has issued draft rules for speed guns and it will soon come out with the proposed norms for breath analysers.Breathalyser calibration is the process of checking and adjusting the sensor within the equipment to ensure it displays an accurate reading. A random study by Delhi-based Institute for Road Traffic Education a few years back had found that 30 out of 40 samples of breath analysers were found faulty.
As per the draft norm for “radar equipment for measurement of vehicle speed”, all such equipment which will be installed after the final notification, shall be verified and stamped within one year. All radar equipment that are already installed shall be verified and stamped as and when their re-verification becomes due.
“The radar shall satisfy the conditions prescribed in the rules when the results of measurement are to be used in legal proceedings,” said the draft rule. It also specifies that if a radar records the results of measurement, it will indicate the date and time of the measurement, the measured speed and the vehicle’s direction of travel.
Welcoming government’s move, road traffic experts said once the rules come into effect, it will bring down the number of complaints against faulty challans for traffic rule violation. They said this has become important since govt has made increased fines manifold for violation of speed limit and drunk driving norms in the amended motor vehicle law.

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