Headmistress, teachers punish girls with hot oil, suspended | India News

RAIPUR: In a horrific incident, teachers of a government girls’ school in Kondagaon of Bastar division allegedly punished 25 students by forcing them to pour hot, scalding oil on each other’s palms because one of them had relieved herself outside the toilet.
After a video of this barbarism went viral, prompting the education department to order an inquiry.The headmistress and two teachers have been suspended. The victims, aged 11-12 years, suffered blisters on their palms. ‘In a bizarre remark, the Kondagaon district education officer, Madhulika Tiwari, sought to reason that the oil “was not that hot”.
During lunchtime on Friday, the teachers left the school premises for lunch. Upon their return, they discovered that someone had relieved themselves outside the toilet. They questioned the girls, but no one could say who was responsible.
Enraged, the teachers decided to hand out mass punishment. Parents have alleged that the teachers brought hot oil from the mid-day meal kitchen and forced the girls to pour it on each other’s hands.
Someone took a video of the gruesome punishment and posted it on social media. It reached the authorities. An inquiry team was immediately sent to the school, said Tahir Khan, block resource officer of the education department.
Three of total five teachers of the school have been suspended
Kondagaon DEO Madhulika Tiwari said that blisters were formed on the palms of five students.
The ‘school monitors’ committed this act, and the oil used “was not that hot”, she argued, and denied reports that 25 students were injured. “As the incident happened during school hours, the teachers are responsible for it. Therefore, we have suspended headmistress Johri Markam, lecturer Mitali Verma and teacher Poonam Thakur,” she said, adding that an inquiry is on.
The school has around 70 students and five teachers, three of whom are now under suspension. The DEO said that they will make alternate arrangements to ensure education is not affected.

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