I present India to the world as it is & myself as I am: Modi ahead of US trip | India News

NEW DELHI: Ahead of his first state visit to the US, PM Narendra Modi struck a bold note, asserting that he presented India to the world as it was and himself as he was and was committed to protecting the country’s dignity.
“I am the first prime minister to be born in free India, and that’s why my thought process, my conduct, what I say and do, is inspired and influenced by my country’s attributes and traditions. I derive my strength from it,” the PM said in an interview to The Wall Street Journal.
The PM also said there was unprecedented trust between the leaders of the US and India, adding that ties between New Delhi and Washington were stronger and deeper than ever.
Confidence also marked his reply to hostilities with China, with Modi mincing no words in reiterating India’s stand on peace and tranquillity on the border being the pre-requisite for normalisation of ties. He said India stood for peaceful resolutions to differences and disputes, but also stressed, “At the same time, India is fully prepared and committed to protecting its sovereignty and dignity.”
Modi called for a restructuring of international organisations, including the United Nations, in keeping with the contemporary multipolar world, and said the failure to democratise international bodies had undermined their effectiveness in dealing with the challenges of terrorism and expansionism.
“Look at the membership of key institutions – does it truly represent the voice of democratic values? A place like Africa, does it have a voice? India has such a huge population and is a bright spot in the global economy, but is it present?” Modi asked as he cautioned about the risk that international bodies face in the form of emergence of parallel bodies. He signalled India’s desire for membership of the UN Security Council and highlighted the country’s contribution to peacekeeping.
On the Ukraine war, Modi said, “All countries should respect international law and the sovereignty of countries.” Referring to his conversation with the Ukrainian President on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Japan, he said, “India will do whatever it can and supports all genuine efforts to bring an end to the conflict and ensure enduring peace and stability.”

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