Ice Cube says No Vaseline is better than Kendrick Lamar’s Not Like Us and Tupac’s Hit Em Up, ‘I took out…’

As the hip-hop industry drowns in feud battles and diss tracks, Ice Cube has reaffirmed the status of No Vaseline 33 years after its release. The 54-year-old rapper said that his 1991 song directed at N.W.A regins over any other diss track. This comes amid the growing feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, with the former releasing the bombshell track- Not Like Us, attacking the latter.

Ice Cube says the best diss track of all time is his 1991 track, No Vaseline
Ice Cube says the best diss track of all time is his 1991 track, No Vaseline

Ice Cube reveals the best diss track of all time

During a recent live performance, the Straight Outta Compton star shut down the buzz around Lamar’s latest fiery track. Cube also name-dropped other fellow rappers and their diss tracks. A video of his remarks surfaced on social media Tuesday, quickly becoming viral as netizens voiced their opinions, mostly in agreement.

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Revealing which song is the G.O.A.T, Cube said, “[People say] Tupac [Hit Em Up] but it’s not. Nah, Cube, hold on. It’s Nas with Ether. I love Nas, but it’s not. Maybe it’s Kendrick Lamar, maybe it’s him. I love them songs, but No Vaseline is the best diss song in the history of hip-hop.”

The Friday actor then went on to explain his stance on the topic, saying, “I’ll tell you why. One MC, myself. I took out four muthaf**kas and the manager. You can’t beat that. We did that over 30 years ago. So, as it stands today, I got nothing but love for N.W.A.”

Hip-hop fans seemed to agree with the Bow Down rapper as they flooded social media with comments establishing their approval. One wrote on X, formerly Twitter, “Ehh this is like dry hating No Vaseline is 1 of the greatest diss tracks ever I don’t think that was ever up for debate. He didn’t even have to say this. Let K dot have his moment man.”

Another fan said, “Not even gonna lie. No Vaseline, Not Like Us, and Hit em up are MY top 3. That’s me replacing Ether too. Industry shifting tracks.” Yet another said, “All the KIDS gotta sit this one out, all you can say is “overrated” because you weren’t there.”

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