If they put democracy in jail, we’ll run it from there: Delhi CM | India News

NEW DELHI: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal asserted on Wednesday that he has no intention of resigning once he returns to Tihar on June 2. “If they will put democracy in jail, then we will show them by running democracy from jail,” he said in an interview to TOI.
He claimed that if BJP returned to office, elections would not happen or be similar to those held in Russia, Bangladesh and Pakistan.”If they win this round, then Mamata Banerjee, Rahul Gandhi, Pinarayi Vijayan, M K Stalin… all will be in jail, and then elections will be held,” he said. “They should understand that they are turning a democracy into tyranny.”
Describing AAP as “the most persecuted political party ever in history”, he said its members had been slapped with more than 250 ‘fake cases’. “In more than 130, we have been acquitted. In many cases, the courts have badly reprimanded the agencies. It is being said that after elections, they will seize our bank accounts and get our office vacated.” However, he said efforts to make AAP disintegrate had backfired as the party had displayed even more energy and unity.
Asked for his assessment of the public mood, he predicted that BJP’s tally would fall below 220 and the INDIA bloc would cross the 300-mark.
Kejriwal called the electoral bonds scheme “the biggest scam in independent India” and said it wasn’t just one but multiple scams. “If the INDIA bloc forms govt, then in the first 100 days, all electoral bond donations will be investigated,” he said.

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