In jibe at Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi hails US lawmakers for ‘united show’ | India News

NEW DELHI: Lauding the spirit of bipartisanship during his address to the joint sitting of the United States Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that there must be a contest of ideas at home, and people must also come together as one while speaking for the nation, a remark seen as a jibe at former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi for criticising the Modi government on his foreign tours.
During his hour-long speech, a major part of which was devoted to deepening Indo-US ties, Modi praised US lawmakers for coming together to celebrate the bilateral ties.
“I can understand the debate of ideas and ideology. But I am delighted to see you come together today, to celebrate the bond between the world’s two great democracies – India and the United States,” he told the gathering.
“I am happy to help out whenever you need a strong bipartisan consensus. There will be – and there must be – a contest of ideas at home. But we must also come together as one when we speak for our nation. And, you have shown that you can do it. Congratulations!” added the PM.
Modi’s remarks came against the backdrop of Rahul Gandhi’s frequent swipes at his government during visits abroad, prompting BJP to accuse the opposition leader of maligning India on foreign soil.
Addressing the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, the prime minister said, “Being a citizen of a vibrant democracy myself, I can admit one thing Mister Speaker – you have a tough job! I can relate to the battles of passion, persuasion and policy.”
Slamming Rahul for his ‘democracy under threat’ made in London earlier this year, Modi had said it was an “insult to India’s tradition and its citizens”.
Rahul was recently in the US where he criticised the Modi government for its handling of various issues. TNN

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