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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday took a swipe at Rahul Gandhi saying that the Congress leader has accepted that the system created under his grandmother (Indira Gandhi) and father (Rajiv Gandhi) was loaded against SC, ST and OBCs even as he said that INDIA bloc has already lost the polls and supporting them would be a waste.
“Today Congress’s ‘sehzade’ accepted that the system made by his grandmother and father during their rule is against SC, ST and OBC,” Modi said while referring to a viral video in whch Rahul purportedly cites his credentials as someone who has seen the functioning of the “system” as the grandson and son of PMs as well during the UPA days to say it was aligned against “lower castes”.
For PM whom Rahul has been accused of being pro-elite, the video was a full-toss and he made full use of it while addressing a large rally at Dwarka he-re in support of BJP’s candidates for Delhi’s seven seats. It was a combative PM who exuded confidence about BJP’s prospects of getting a third term and asserted that the INDIA bloc have already lost the polls.
“The country has realised that a vote to the INDIA bloc would be a waste. Every vote is a commitment to Vikshit Bharat,” Modi said, and asserted that as per the mood of India, a strong BJP-led NDA govt has alreadybeen ensured in 400-plus seats where polling has been completed in the first five phases. The reference to the video was part of a full-scale assault on the AAP-Congress poll alliance which saw himattacking the INDIA bloc partners over corruption, appeasement of minorties 1984 massacre of Sikhs, and lack of developments in the first six decades after independence. AAP govt came in for special aggression over corruption, with Modi accusing the Kejriwal regime of backstabbing the public and betraying the trust. “Hum kattar bhrastachariyon ke khel dekh rahe hain(We are watching the game of blatant corruption),” Modi said while defiantly declaring that he was committed to send the corrupt to jail.
Building upon his his attack on Congress for seeking to carve out a Muslim quota in public procurements and tenders, institutional credit and jobs, Modi referred to the Calcutta High Court order scrapping the list of OBCs prepared by the Trinamool Congress govt in West Bengal which had included more than 60 Muslim castes without consulting the State Backward Classes Commision to repeat his assertion that it is the INDIA bloc which was communal. He also citedthe conversion of Jamia Millia Islamia under Congress-led UPA from a central university into a minority institution with no obligation to reserve seats and jobs for SCs/STs and OBCs. Slamming the opposition, particularly the Congress for charging him with communalism each time he mentioned “Muslim”, Modi said the opposition’s politics of minority appeasement has “crossed all limits”. He also referred to Congress leader Salman Khurshid’s claim that Sonia Gandhi had broken down after seeing the bodies of Indian Mujahideen terrorists who were killed in a shootout with Delhi Police at Batla House in 2008.
“Congress and INDIA bloc parties have three things in their blood — they are communal, casteist and parivaar wadi,” as he said that BJP’s development model is “nation first. The speed and scale India needs, only a BJP govt can ensure,” the PM said. “It’s time to recognise the faces that cheated the Indian constitution and hurt secular senti-ments, and I want my Muslim brothers also to see this. In Delhi, Sikh brothers were burnt alive with tyres on their neck. Each partner of Congress is an accomplice of Sikh riot. They have cheated the SC, ST, OBC, dalits, adivasi of their rights in higher education. The famous Jamia Millia Islamia which was running as a central university with the reservation was changed to a minority institution in 2011 by Manmohan Singh govt to win elections in 2014, giving 50% reservation was for Muslim and denying admissions to SC, ST, OBC,” he added.
Reacting to Modi’s speech, AAP, in a statement, alleged that BJP’s claims of fighting corruption were laughable. “Anyone who is corrupt can join the BJP and be absolved of all their crimes, it alleged. The party also accused BJP of orchestrating a “Rs 8,000-crore electoral bond scam”, which, it alleged, was the biggest in Indian history. AAP also claimed the liquor case was “fake. It added that PM Modi had failed to deliver on any ofhispromises.

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