India deserves a much bigger international role: PM Modi ahead of US visit | India News

NEW DELHI: On the eve of his first state visit to the US, PM Modi asserted that India deserved “a much higher, deeper and wider profile and a role” in international affairs.
“We do not see India as supplanting any country. We see this process as India gaining its rightful position in the world,” he said in an interview to leading US business paper, The Wall Street Journal.
He was not defensive about India’s refusal to join the West-led aggressive response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — a cause for heartburn for some influential sections in the US. “Some people say that we are neutral. But we are not neutral. We are on the side of peace,” he said.

What PM Modi said on Russia, China and India's role on the global stage


What PM Modi said on Russia, China and India’s role on the global stage

Modi did not agree with the suggestion that New Delhi’s position was criticised in the US. “I think India’s position is well known and well understood in the entire world,” he said, adding, “The world has full confidence that India’s topmost priority is peace.”
Modi replied to a range of questions — from the prospect of normalcy in ties with China to the demand for democratisation of world bodies and India getting its “rightful position”.

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