India issues travel advisory to citizens as unrest grows in Myanmar | India News

NEW DELHI: Amid increasing unrest in Myanmar, India on Tuesday issued an advisory to its citizens to avoid travelling to the country.
“In view of the evolving security situation in Myanmar, all Indian nationals are advised to avoid non-essential travel. Those already living in Myanmar are advised to take precaution and avoid travel to the regions affected by violence,” said a statement released by the ministry of external affairs.

“Inter-state travel by road should also be avoided.

Indian nationals living in Myanmar are requested to register with the Embassy of India, Yangon by filing up the form, accessible at,” it added.
What’s happening in Myanmar?
Myanmar’s ruling military is facing attacks on multiple fronts in its borderlands as an alliance of ethnic minority insurgent groups combines with pro-democracy fighters to try to capture territory and challenge the junta‘s rule.
On October 27, an alliance of ethnic minority groups launched coordinated attacks on military posts in northern Shan State bordering China and took several towns, in an operation they called 1027, referring to the date the assault began.

The “Three Brotherhood Alliance”, as the group is known, said its objective was “to safeguard the lives of civilians, assert our right to self defence, maintain control over our territory and respond resolutely to ongoing artillery attacks and airstrikes” by the junta.
It was also “dedicated to eradicating the oppressive military dictatorship”, it said, and committed to combating online gambling scam centres on the Myanmar-China border, which involve thousands of foreign workers, many against their will.
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