India only G20 country that kept the promise it took in Paris to protect the environment: PM Modi | India News

NEW DELHI: Environment is an article of faith for India and we do not believe in the exploitation of nature, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a joint press conference with President Joe Biden on Thursday.
He added that India is the only G20 country that kept the promises it took in Paris to protect the environment
Biden and PM Modi took questions from reporters after delivering a joint statement post extensive bilateral talks.
To a question on how ambitious targets are set but implementation is often found lacking, PM Modi said India not only works to protect its own environment but also works for protecting the world. “We are taking global initiatives for the same,” he said.
“We have launched an international solar alliance for the world and today several countries in the world are working with us. We are seeing that due to natural calamities, there is a huge loss to the infrastructure. We care about our future generations, so we are taking a global responsibility to support the world in the crisis of climate change,” said PM Modi.
“We are working towards making India a green energy hub as environment and climate have an essential place in India’s culture and tradition,” he added
Climate change is the most serious problem we face…We have made enormous progress here in the US in dealing with this issue by doing three things…” says US President Joe Biden

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