Indian Army boosts air defence capabilities with ‘Akashteer Control and Reporting Systems’ | India News

NEW DELHI: The Indian Army has embarked on a significant step towards bolstering its defense capabilities and technological prowess with the introduction of the ‘Akashteer Command and Control Systems’ into the Corps of Army Air Defence.
The rollout of Akashteer commenced with the ceremonial send-off of the initial batch of Control Centers from BEL Ghaziabad on April 4, 2024.
This initiative, developed by Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) under the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, is anticipated to greatly enhance the operational efficiency and integration of the Army’s air defense mechanisms, according to defense officials. The Akashteer Project represents a cutting-edge endeavor aimed at automating Air Defence Control and Reporting processes through digital transformation.
Emphasizing the significance of technological advancement, the Indian Army has designated 2024 as the “Year of Tech Absorption,” undertaking various endeavors to incorporate niche technologies and systems into its arsenal. The induction of Akashteer Control Centers marks a significant milestone in the Army’s transformation journey, aligning with both present requirements and future complexities of air defense operations.
Defense officials elaborate that Akashteer integrates radar and communication systems into a unified network, promising unprecedented situational awareness and control. This integration is expected to enable rapid engagement of hostile targets, minimize the risk of friendly fire, and ensure the safety of friendly aircraft in contested airspace.
Of note, Akashteer underscores mobility and resilience as key features. The system’s vehicle-based and mobile Control Centers are designed to maintain operational capabilities even in challenging communication environments.
Overall, the deployment of Akashteer signifies a leap towards complete automation of air defense operations, signifying a substantial enhancement in India’s air defense posture.

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