John Mulaney thanks wife Olivia, shares adorable video with son on Father’s Day | Hollywood

Father’s Day created lot of buzz on social media on Sunday. Popular comedian John Mulaney joined in the celebrations and shared two adorable posts on his official Instagram handle.

John Mulaney with is baby son and wife Olivia Munn on Father's Day.(Instagram/johnmulaney)
John Mulaney with is baby son and wife Olivia Munn on Father’s Day.(Instagram/johnmulaney)

In his first post, Mulaney shared a video of himself holding his 18-month-old son, Malcolm. Behind the camera, Mulaney’s wife and Hollywood star Olivia Munn can be heard helping the toddler utter the words ” Happy Father’s Day” as the proud parents burst into laughter after Malcolm wishes his father. He then plants a kiss on his son’s head. Mulaney captioned the video as “Goddamn I’m a lucky guy”.

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Munn shared the video on her Instagram story and wrote “Every day for the past 18 months these two fall more in love with each other. Lucky me that my son gets you as his father.”

In another post, he shared two adorable photos with his baby son, enjoying near a pool of water. In the first picture, both are seen posing while Munn takes a selfie. Mulaney captioned the post as “You made me a dad, Olivia. I love you forever for doing that.” Munn reacted to the post with red heart emojis.

Munn also took to Instagram and posted a series of photos with Mulaney and her son, Malcolm. She captioned her post as “We love you Dada 💞 Happy Father’s Day!”. In the first picture, Munn and Mulaney are looking into each other’s eye while their son peacefully sleeps in Mulaney’s arms.

Mulaney and Munn welcomed their first baby together on Nov. 24, 2021. Since then, the proud parents have been documenting fun moments with Malcolm while he grows up.

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