Jujutsu Kaisen writer Gege Akutami apologises to fans for chapter 262: ‘Sorry for…’

Jujutsu Kaisen fans are experiencing all the highs and lows as the Manga’s Shinjuku Showdown Arc is just around the corner. The fight to take down the King of curses, Sukuna has stretched over a year but the villain remains undefeated. Fans of the popular Manga had also endured numerous deaths including those of their favourite characters in this period like Gojo.

Gege Akutami apologises to his fans. Read to know more
Gege Akutami apologises to his fans. Read to know more

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Gege Akutami apologises to JJK fans

This week fans got disheartened again with the announcement of the release of the new chapter of their favourite manga. Chapter 262 was supposed to be released this week but was not released as the creators took their regular week-long break while writing mangas. However, now the manga has taken a two-week hiatus and Gege Akutami apologises to Jujutsu Kaisen fans for this sudden decision.

The series is going on a two-week hiatus because of the declining health of the manga’s creator Gege Akutami. The news disappointed fans waiting for the next chapter for obvious reasons. Following the two-week hiatus news, Akutami, unable to release the next chapter for his audience, apologised through a comment on social media.

According to Dexerto, a popular JJK fan page translated his comment, which read “I got sick and have been having weird symptoms. Sorry for all the trouble I’ve been causing.” Akutami’s sudden illness shocked his fans.

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Netizens show support and concern for Akutami

Upon the sudden news of Akutami’s illness, netizens took to social media platforms to show their support for the manga writer. The fans of manga wrote kind words for the writer and wished him a speedy recovery.

One X user showed concern and wrote “ Praying for a speedy recovery for GOAT Gege. Hopefully it doesn’t get too serious.” A second user wrote “Get well gege.” Another X user wrote “Hope he takes a rest and know that its alright, Get well soon. Praying for a quick recovery,” while another wrote “Why do Japanese people apologize when they are sick? It’s not their fault anyway, pressure?”




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