Jungkook tries to help fan from falling, gets mobbed at airport. Watch

BTS’s Jungkook is winning hearts for his kind gesture towards a fan at the airport. He was seen helping a fan from being pushed by an airport mob in a video that quickly went viral on the internet. Fans reacted to the viral moment on Twitter and expressed their concern. (Also read: Jungkook trends on Twitter after he falls asleep during live, 6 million people watch it for 21 minutes)

Jungkook tried to help a fan from falling down at the airport recently.
Jungkook tried to help a fan from falling down at the airport recently.

Jungkook helps female fan

It was announced a day ago that Jungkook would be returning to Seoul from his overseas schedule. As soon as the announcement was made, fans rushed to Incheon Airport to get his glimpse. The crowd gathered at the airport was so huge that it became a mad rush when Jungkook arrived at the airport. Fans rushed at the singer to click a selfie and in this situation a fan tripped. Jungkook tried to help her and this moment was caught on video and quickly went viral on social media.

Mixed reactions

Although fans praised the singer for keeping his calm and trying to rescue the fan from getting hurt, many were divided on security concerns and expressed their disappointment with the fans that could be dangerous for Jungkook. A fan said, “WELCOME HOME JUNGKOOK. Thank god for bodyguards, it actually looks scary so much of crowd running around. Not only it’s dangerous for Jungkook, but can also result in hurting the fans. I hope they can walk in/out of airport wo anyone crowding them like this.” Another said, “Look at how kind jungkook is !! He really loves his fans so freaking much. he cares about their safety while he himself might be in danger … do we deserve him ?”

“This is dangerous. Airport should’ve done a better job!” said another fan. A comment also read, “Don’t be shocked if he uses an alternate exit and avoids yall next time. If anything he will do it to keep yall safe since y’all keep mobing him and hurting each other! Like it’s not Jungkooks or his body guards job to save you from being trambled on, and ur lucky they did!”

BTS are currently on a break as a unit, with two members Jin and J-Hope fulfilling their mandatory military service in the South Korean armed forces.

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