Justin Bieber looked ‘happiest ever’ as he performed at Ambani’s event in India amid expecting first baby | Hollywood

Glowing with soon-to-be-dad vibes, Justin Bieber rocked a performance in India that had fans raving he’s never been happier. The Baby crooner who earlier canceled his Justice World tour due to health concerns took center stage at a private concert. The music powerhouse, expecting his first child with Hailey, lit up the stage at a lavish event hosted by billionaire Mukesh Ambani for his son Anant’s wedding to Radhika Merchant.

Justin Bieber dazzles at Anant Ambani's wedding celebration in India,(Pic- justinbieber)
Justin Bieber dazzles at Anant Ambani’s wedding celebration in India,(Pic- justinbieber)

Justin Bieber perform in Mumbai at Ambani’s event

Following in the footsteps of pop stars like Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Katy Perry, who graced the Ambani stage before him, Justin Bieber jetted into India to perform at a pre-wedding celebration. This performance comes months after Justin and his wife Hailey announced their first pregnancy.

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Bieber didn’t hold back, belting out iconic hits like Baby, Never Let You Go, and Love Yourself and more. He wasn’t just singing and dancing; he had the entire crowd moving and singing along, creating an unforgettable night. The pop star shared not just one or two videos, but a series of videos and photographs across multiple posts on his social media account.

Fans say Justin looked the ‘happiest’ in months

“This is genuinely the happiest I’ve seen Justin posted in a long time,” a fan wrote in the comment section. “UR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING IN THE WHOLE WORLD, I LOVE YOU!!!” Said another.

Beliebers were genuinely happy to see the singer back on stage, the place he belongs after facing multiple setbacks. “I’m sooo so so happy to see him smiling and enjoying with the crowd,” wrote one fan after Justin shared a video of himself grooving with the audience in very close proximity, clearly enjoying his performance. Throughout the day, he kept sharing multiple photos and videos of his time in India. He even dropped a separate one with Anant and Radhika.

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Justin was earlier diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a rare disease that causes facial nerve paralysis and intense ear pain. He understandably maintained a lower public profile after canceling his tour dates back in 2023. Rumours of marital troubles with Hailey soon swirled, but the power couple silenced the noise in the best way possible –by sharing the exciting news of their first child on the way! And if that wasn’t enough, they sealed their love with a stunning vow renewal ceremony in Hawaii.

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