Kamal Haasan clarifies he ‘likes Indian 3 more’: Not that I don’t like Indian 2

Jul 06, 2024 03:48 PM IST

Kamal Haasan clarified his recent statement which was misinterpreted as him saying he did Indian 2 only because of Indian 3.

On Saturday, actors Kamal Haasan and Siddharth, and director Shankar met the media to talk about their pan-Indian film, Indian 2. When Kamal was asked about the six different looks in the film and how tough it was donning the prosthetics 28 years after Indian (1996), he opened up about the issues they faced in the six years they worked on the film. (Also Read: Did Kamal Haasan’s Supreme Yaskin from Kalki 2898 AD almost look like this? Concept artist shares rejected look)

Kamal Haasan says he likes Indian 3 more
Kamal Haasan says he likes Indian 3 more

“Indian 2 is the most difficult film I have acted in in my career. The number of challenges we faced in these six years is unimaginable – we had to brave COVID, then there was an accident on set, then numerous actors who worked on the film passed away suddenly. We never knew what to expect. It wasn’t just about the prosthetics or the role. The prosthetics were also quite itchy for me initially, and then had to get used to it,” revealed Kamal.

As for Indian 2 itself, Kamal said the love the people who worked on Indian 2 had for the film was unprecedented and motivating. “Every single person, whether it was a technician or an actor who worked on Indian 2, had so much love for it and were willing to go the extra mile. I was in disbelief. I was wondering if it was real, but it was. It took six years of hard work from so many people to bring this film to theatres,” Kamal added.

The Indian star speaks multiple dialects in the film as well and he said as an actor what one looks for is the praise from the director when one does a shot well. “Even now, for me, it’s delivering a great take and getting my director’s approval. That’s highly motivating for an actor. Shankar was particular about every single aspect of Indian Thatha – the clothes he wore, the pen he used, his knife, etc,” smiled the Ulaganayagan.

Kamal also clarified about his recent statement at the Singapore press meet. He had stated last week he liked Indian 3 more than Indian 2, and social media started buzzing with comments that Indian 2 won’t be good. Kamal Haasan said, “People didn’t seem to understand what I was trying to say. I only said that I liked Indian 3 more – not that I didn’t like Indian 2! I am highly looking forward to Indian 3 as there some aspects which are really nice. It’s like when you have a meal – you like sambhar and rasam, but you look forward more to the payasam (dessert), isn’t it? This is just the same.”

Indian 2 will release in cinemas this Friday on July 12.

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