Katchatheevu issue was settled 50 yrs ago: Sri Lanka | India News

In the first reaction from Sri Lanka on the Katchatheevu row, foreign minister Ali Sabry said Wednesday the issue was settled 50 years ago and there’s no need to revisit it.
“There is no controversy. They are having an internal political debate about who is responsible. Other than that, no one is talking about claiming Katchatheevu,” said Sabry in response to questions at an iftar dinner.

BJP has accused Congress govts, led by Nehru and later Indira Gandhi, of giving up the island under pressure from Sri Lanka.

Congress said PM Modi was spinning a “false narrative” to divert attention from his silence in the face of Chinese provocation.

Jaishankar Unleashes Verbal Assault on Nehru, Indira Gandhi for ‘Mistakes’ in Katchatheevu Dispute

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