Kin of man killed by stray cow get Rs14L in damages | India News

RAJKOT: A court ordered Rajkot Municipal Corporation to pay Rs 13.7 lakh to the bereaved family of a biker who lost his life due to stray cattle menace.
Mukesh Rathod was gored to death by a stray cow after he fell following his bike’s collision with the animal in Aug 2018, said the FIR. Rathod later succumbed to his injuries.
Even as Rathod lost his life, police registered a case of rash driving against him.Rathod’s wife, Meena, then filed a suit demanding compensation of Rs 15 lakh, alleging that she lost her husband due to the negligence of municipal body, police, and district administration. She alleged that cops filed the FIR against the deceased to cover up the negligence of authorities. Senior civil judge IM Shaikh ordered the municipal body to pay the amount with 6% interest from the date of filing of the suit.
“I argued the case under Article 21 which gives the right to life. When the administration fails to adhere to its responsibility, they are liable to pay the compensation,” said Meena’s lawyer KB Rathod.

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