King: I don’t look at AI as the problem

Recently, actor Scarlett Johansson expressed ‘shock, anger and disbelief’ when she witnessed that the updated version of chatGPT, which listens to spoken prompts and responds verbally, had a voice similar to hers. The incident brought to light the apprehension artistes have against Artificial Intelligence (AI). But King is unfazed. “I don’t look at AI as the problem. I feel every person is replaceable, so one doesn’t have to fear getting replaced by technology. What matters is you and your work making an impact in people’s hearts and lives. The human element of an artiste’s work can never be justified by technology, be it AI, music-altering tools or anything else,” says the rapper.

King on the threat of Artifical Intelligence to artistes
King on the threat of Artifical Intelligence to artistes

He adds that he understands the unpredictability that exists in his profession and hence, never fears being replaced. “Agar darr hota toh main musician banta hi nahin. I know there’s something unique about me that makes my music connect with the audience. So, I will continue to do my thing, my way, without any fear of getting replaced or forgotten,” says King, who has hits like Tu Jaana Na Piya and Maan Meri Jaan to his credit.

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Of late, a lot of films/documentaries are being made on popular artistes, including musicians, sports personalities, etc. Does he wish to have a documentary on his life? “I don’t think I deserve a documentary or a movie,” he says, and adds, “I feel I am too young for it. I am not that person who says that now that I am here, give me a Padma Bhushan, a Grammy or make a documentary on me. I don’t expect people to go crazy about me like how they feel for Mahi (cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni). Every person wants it, but I give reality checks to myself. I need at least 10 more years to reach such a level. It’s not my goal to make people see my documentary or feel ki main kitna bada ho gaya hoon. I want people to feel like I am one of their own.”

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